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Re: 8r encoding + xdvi :-(

Thomas Esser said:

> Now the true story: the reencoding *does* work and it does work with
> the commercial type1 fonts from adobe as well as with the .gsf
> fonts.

I've communicated with him and discovered that he tested Times
(ptmr8r), for which there is no problem whether gsftopk uses .gsf or
.pfa files.  I didn't test the Times .gsf files, so I assumed that
gsftopk got ptmr8r right because I was using a "real" Type 1 source.

HOWEVER, there *are* problems for other fonts.  In particular, Thomas
has checked my findings that the font tables for pbkl8r and pplr8r are
incorrect when viewed in xdvi.  Using dvips/gs I get a slightly
different (less bad!) mess --- in particular, the ligatures and other
characters aren't missing.  

Thomas and I were using gs3.33, which seems to have introduced the
problem.  I've just tested with gs 2.6.1 and and older font set;
things seem to be okay there.

I'll ask on comp.lang.postscript to see if somebody can advise.

 - David.