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Re: 8r encoding + xdvi :-(

Sebastian Rahtz says:

> I appreciate the point about the reencoding of .gsf files, but thats
> really someone else's problem (as I think Karl implied). If
> ps2pk/gsftopk/*.gsf dont work together, they should be made to!

Well, I agree.  My apologies for drawing out the discussion on the
tex-fonts list.

I wanted to find out if the problem was known and had some fix.  At
first, I didn't know whether it was a problem with the software or
with the psfonts.beta files.  Since the new encoding scheme
highlighted the problem, it was natural to report it to the tex-fonts

Then I wanted to help locate the problem so that we could know whose
"responsibility" it was.  Now it seems to be something to do with
gs-3.33 (although the discrepancy in behaviour between gsftopk and gs
is strange).

> Why not just use the Type1 fonts for eg Times and Courier that you
> get with any (verycheap) copy of ATM?

We have versions of Times and Courier already.  It is the remaining
fonts of the "common 35" set I'm concerned about.  We don't have
commercial versions of these, and are unlikely to purchase
(expensive?) many-machine licenses for our Unix system since we have
them already in our postscript printers.  So viewing faithfully with
the free fonts is important for us (and many others, I suspect).

More to the point, it is silly to have to resort to purchasing fonts
when the situation worked perfectly well with the free fonts when they
were not reencoded.

 - David.