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psfonts.beta problems

Dear Maintainers,

Here is a summary of a few minor problems I've found with the most
recent psfonts.beta distribution.

1. There are empty \filedate{} in many .sty files.  (Mostly monotype
   xadobe xmonotype).  This crashes the current release of LaTeX2e.

2. Some .sty file(names) *are* duplicated between PSNFSS and the font
   tex/ subdirectories, despite what the README files say.  (I had to
   add psnfss explicitly to my TEXINPUTS path to fix this; it would be
   useful if the files weren't duplicated).  I found these in both places:
   bitstream/charter.sty, urw/nimbus.sty, adobe/utopia.sty

3. Something isn't quite right with the urw/nimbus roman setup (LaTeX
   reports missing .fd files).  Things are better with
   \renewcommand{\rmdefault}{unm} instead of "unmr" in
   psnfss/nimbus.sty, but perhaps the problem is in the naming of the
   .fd files ( nm.fd instead of nmr.fd ).

David Aspinall,                 email: David.Aspinall@dcs.ed.ac.uk
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