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I am considering the installation of "almost all reliable text
typefaces" from Softkey's Key Fonts Pro CD-ROM with the material
provided in the psfonts.beta/tools directory. This will rely heavily
on Bob Long's SSi-list giving the correspondance between SSi names and
the corresponding ones from Adobe library so that, for instance, the
font VeracityProSSi from the CD (vera11.pfb (or so)) will be installed as
kutr8x. Some questions :

 - has this already been carried out ? (if so, tell me & skip the rest).

 - Is there some interest for this ? (i.e. how much do I have to be
standard and will I have to distribute it) 

 - the supplier name should be keyfonts, identified by the letter k.

 - did someone convert kb's naming scheme into a software (script
shell) yielding the kb-name frome the ps one and back ? (in this case,
this should only need alias.map and some modifications such as
Pro=Expert to build a keyfonts.map, I am anyway doing it by hand now).

 - an alternative approach could be to use an installation of the
adobe faces and only modify psfonts.map (example :
	putr8x	VeracityProSSi <vera11.pfb                 )
As most fonts on the CD are good clones of adobe's, versions (for
instance, the afms generated with t1tools/gs2.61 from putr8a.pfa or
vera1.pfb  only differ slightly) this is quite acceptable, and maybe
leads to more portable documents.

I post this however in the hope to get a lot of good advice.

Th. Bouche
   Thierry Bouche.              (Math\'ematiques, Institut Fourier, Grenoble)
   bouche@fourier.grenet.fr   --   (BP. 74 F-38402 St-Martin d'H\`eres Cedex)
     aka texadmin@fourier.grenet.fr  as a (very) local TeX guru