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Re: Undeclared glyphs -Reply -Reply

>>> <kt05919@kingston.ac.uk> 17/June/1995 11:47am

Sebastian said that the bottom line is that the 8r encoding is
unsupported by LaTeX2e.  So in what sense can this work
contribute to an official support for PS fonts in a supported
package like PSNFSS? Is the intention that after the beta
period, the 8r encoding will become supported by the
LaTeX3 projects?


the position *is* clear; the LaTeX effort supports a standard
encoding for text, T1. To achieve that, we needed a decent
base font for virtual T1 fonts. Hence 8r. the *encoding* is
`supported' and encouraged by myself, Karl Berry, Alan J etc
etc, but the *style file* and LaTeX interface to 8r are my
private work, and shouldnt be in PSNFSS at all. it will move.