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Re: Undeclared glyphs -Reply

>I did say that this is because of a problem with TeX.  T1 and
>OT1 can coexist because T1 was carefully planned to be
>compatible with OT1.
it was? 

>The problems arise when using two 8-bit encodings, both
>of which contain letters, within one paragraph.  Thus the
why would one want to mix T1 and 8r? i am sorry, Chris, but
i really dont understand the point you are making.

>The other, comparitively trivial problem, is that `8r' is not
>a good name for a LaTeX font encoding (I suspect that the
>name was chosen to show that it would not be used as one)
no, the name comes from the "other" naming system, of
Karl Berry. its a very great shame the two are not the same!

> since LaTeX will need a file called 8r... and filenames
>cannot begin with non-letters on many operating systems. 
>Thus the production of 8r.sty etc is a highly anti-social act
>for more than one reason.
come come, lets keep this in perspective. "highly
anti-social" is harsh words for a formalization of what
many people have been doing for years, and will carry on
doing in the future!

>It seems like, Karl Berry does seem to think that using 8r
>directly *is* okay and should be supported [to some 
dont forget plain TeX people; they can use 8r if they like,
without any thought police problems :-}

>> which says that this is supported.
>Such actions horrify me!
more than the war in Bosnia?

>>  > Pondering,
>How we got into this sorry mess, perhaps??

i think it would help all concerned if you explained 
why its so bad to use
"whatever-encoding-name-one-gave-8r", other than that T1
is the standard?