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Re: Encodings, Non-T1 symbols, and bitmapped fonts... -Reply

Alan and Chris both say that TeX won't properly hyphenate
paras with more than one encoding in. True, Knuth made a
mistake there. What I dont see is why this affects someone
choosing to set their text in 8r rather than T1 at a document
level. Their normal paras will be fine, and their mixed
Greek/English paragraphs will break, just as with T1.

I don't know why I am defending 8r.sty, by the way; i dont
use it myself, and probably never will. I am perfectly happy
to use virtual fonts to get T1, which suits me fine. So far as I
know, the only major reason to use 8r as a user-level
encoding is if your driver doesnt support virtual fonts, or if
VFs carry a performance cost. This means dviwindo, for
instance. If you dont use that, why do people want to use