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Re: Encodings, Non-T1 symbols, and bitmapped fonts...

Let me add a few more comments.

On the preliminaryness of the dc fonts:

Yes, the METAFONT implementation of the Cork encoded fonts *is* still 
preliminary. The only thing not to change again is the encoding, also 
changes to that glyphs which are borrowed from the Computer Modern fonts 
are unlikely (though I have zeroed the depth of the digit 7). However, the 
design of the accented letters is subject to change, also affecting the 
font metrics. Therefore there is no guarantee for identical page breaks 
with the preliminary version and the final one.

I hope the release 1.2 to be unveiled at Papendaal will be less preliminary 
than the existing release 1.1 of 1992, and I hope that a schedule for the 
completion of the ec fonts can be given.

On the text companion encoding:

I have written a draft paper in LaTeX2e about the text companion encoding.
It is available via anonymous ftp from


in directory


as file


(Please don't publish this site outside this list.)

--J"org Knappen