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Q: Re-encoding a Type 1 font

I have a type 1 Garamond (Garamond-Normal).  I used Type-Designer to put 
dots, macrons, and tildes, etc. over and under the letters I need to have 
so marked.  Using the ec.enc file as a model of form, I then wrote up a 
wn.enc file to be used as the encoding file. Type-Designer gave me pfb 
and afm files for the rearranged font.  I called those files wngrd.pfb 
and wngrd.afm.  I ran afm2tfm on wngrd with the -v switch for the vf file 
and with the -p switch for the wn.enc encoding, and I got rwngrd.tfm and 
wngrd.tfm files, and I got the wngrd.vpl file.  I then ran vptovf on the 
vpl file and got wngrd.vf.  I put the tfm files in the tfm directory, and 
the vf file in the vf directory.  (I'm on DOS, using emTeX, the latest, 
and the latest DVIPS).   I put the wngrd.pfb file in the psfonts 
directory, that is searched by dvips.  Since I'm using latex, I wrote a 
simple fd file for this new font called ot1wngrd.fd.

I updated psfonts.map with these 

rwngrd   Garamond-Normal
wngrd    Garamond-Normal " WNEncoding ReEncodeFont " <wn.enc

and I put the enc file in the psfonts directory.  

Then I made up a short test file to test the newly reencoded font.  I 
latexed that file.  I ran dvips on the dvi file.  No complaints or error 
messages showed up.  I then tried to print the ps file on a ps printer.  
It wouldn't print.  So I tried ghostscript.  I updated the fontmap file 
in c:\gs with the line:

\Garamond-Normal    (wngrd.pfb)    ;

and tried both gs386 (in DOS) and gsview (in Windows).  Both times I got 
the error message: File or alias name cannot be found in Fontmap! Giving 
up.  And the ghostscript program would then not work at all.  

There's got to be something wrong in how I've re-encoded the font, but I 
am stuck.  The wn.enc file exactly reflects what characters are placed 
where in the pfb file.  The pfb file reflects the wn.enc file and has the 
encoding set as 256 array, which is probably what is wanted.  

Any suggestions for what I've done wrong, or for how I might proceed to 
find out where the problem is, will be most appreciated. 

Bob Hueckstedt

Robert A. Hueckstedt, Associate Professor of Indic Languages
Asian Studies Centre, 328 Fletcher Argue, University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2 Canada email: hueckst@cc.umanitoba.ca
fax 1 204-275-5781 phones 1 204-474-8964, 1 204-488-4797