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8r encoding still recommended for dvips, right?

It's been very interesting to follow the 8r encoding discussion
the last couple of weeks.  I've been persuaded that absent any
need for special glyphs it's probably best to stick with T1
(or even OT1) encoding in the LaTeX context.  Nevertheless,
it is my understanding that the .vf files appropriate to each
of those encodings (e.g. ptmr7t.vf and ptmr8t.vf) still expect
8r encoding on the PostScript side.  So, for example, when
using dvips the referenced map would still need the "< 8r.enc"
in the line:
   pcrr8r Courier "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont" <8r.enc

Is this right?

A second question: How is dvips passed a request for "pcrr8r"
instead of the old "pcrr0"?  I don't know anything about the
internals of .vf files.  Is this where the right extension to
"pcr" is added?


Brad Palmquist
Dept. of Government
Harvard University