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Re: psfonts.beta/tools/fontinst.rc

>The intermediate case where you have roman/italic/small caps/oldstyle
>versions of the same font is not well supported.

Indeed.  You have to do horrible hacks in order to make fontinst think
that the glyph called `a' is really <Asmall>.  I probably should add
support for these fonts, although I'm not exactly wild about
supporting fonts that break the Adobe glyph naming recommendations.

If anyone wants to do it themselves, the easiest way is to write an
schack.mtx which contains lots of lines like:

      \setglyph{Asmall} \useglyph{a}{1000} \endsetglyph

(warning: that may be syntactially invalid!) then for each font you
want to generate, you load the sc font, then schack.mtx, then the u&lc

Font naming for such fonts is a bit of a pain though---we'd need a
variant for `generated from an sc font' plus a new encoding name for
sc fonts.

>By the way, does someone know how I should call a TeX font OT1 encoded
>with oldstyle numerals (7d7t seems bad), and in the expert case ?  

The suffix is 97t, eg ptmr97t.