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softkey fonts


If people is interested, I have put a partial prerelease of my interface for
the postscript fonts from the softkey CD on my site.

My add-ons to fontname-1.94 are in FONTNAME.tar.gz

Minor customizations of fontinst.rc/fontsmpl.cfg in TEX.tar.gz

(Ugly) installation scripts in ETC.tar.gz

These scripts are tailored for large families with non-so-familiar
variants (they still omit some of them, support for expert families
will be added later as there are only two of them on my CD and
fontinst's \latinfamily makes a satisfactory job with them).

Maybe some of you may have a look to these srcipts and send me
helpfull comments. I certainly missed a lot of subtelties as I am
neither a unix nor a TeX guru.

The location is:
(please don't communicate it out of this list).


   Thierry Bouche.              (Math\'ematiques, Institut Fourier, Grenoble)
   bouche@fourier.grenet.fr   --   (BP. 74 F-38402 St-Martin d'H\`eres Cedex)
     aka texadmin@fourier.grenet.fr  as a (very) local TeX guru