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Comments on test release

Dear Mr. Rahtz,

After receiving your message on the test release via the emtex mailing list,
I decided to try it. I only had a working LaTeX2e/PSNFSS setup. I have
downloaded most of what is in psfonts.beta from CTAN and (after some errors)
put all the different files in the right directories.

I find that the installation is very cumbersome due to the big difference
between the EmTeX/LaTeX2e directory structure and what's on CTAN. Some
scripts might help here, especially if you want a wider distibution. 

The only documentation I could find was an updated copy of "Notes on the
setup..." dated 95/03/12 and "The psfonts package" dated 95/04/01 and the
README file in the directory. Are there more detailed notes available? 

I understand that I can throw away all *0 fonts, since they are replaced by
*8a fonts. In addition *q fonts are now obsolete?

Looking at the result for the test0.tex file I noted that Helvetica Light
Oblique is used as the sans italic font. However, this is not in the
'standard' printer 35 fonts set and gets replaced by Courier by my printer.
Also in the 8r encoding section I do not get small caps for \scshape, but
normal roman.

For previewing the effects of PSNFSS I made some bitmap fonts using the
following command line:

>ps2pk -aptmr8a.afm -ec:\emtex\ps\8r.enc c:\psfonts\tir_____.pfb ptmr8r.pk

My question here is whether this is a correct interpretation.

Sorry if all this is old news, it is meant as constructive critism.

Jan Breeman
Jan Breeman
National Aerospace Laboratory
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
keywords: Aircraft mathematical models, 
Parameter identification, State estimation