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Re: Comments on test release

 > After receiving your message on the test release via the emtex mailing list,
i never mailed the emtex mailing list... but never mind

 > I find that the installation is very cumbersome due to the big difference
 > between the EmTeX/LaTeX2e directory structure and what's on CTAN. Some
 > scripts might help here, especially if you want a wider distibution. 
yes, for the real release some scripts would help

 > The only documentation I could find was an updated copy of "Notes on the
 > setup..." dated 95/03/12 and "The psfonts package" dated 95/04/01 and the
 > README file in the directory. Are there more detailed notes available? 
not yet, i fear

 > I understand that I can throw away all *0 fonts, since they are replaced by
 > *8a fonts. In addition *q fonts are now obsolete?
yes, all these are obsolete, *q and *0

 > Looking at the result for the test0.tex file I noted that Helvetica Light
 > Oblique is used as the sans italic font. However, this is not in the
 > 'standard' printer 35 fonts set and gets replaced by Courier by my
> printer.
this is a mistake which i have to fix

 > Also in the 8r encoding section I do not get small caps for \scshape, but
 > normal roman.
this is expected

 > For previewing the effects of PSNFSS I made some bitmap fonts using the
 > following command line:
 > >ps2pk -aptmr8a.afm -ec:\emtex\ps\8r.enc c:\psfonts\tir_____.pfb ptmr8r.pk
 > My question here is whether this is a correct interpretation.
yes, this is what i expect you to  use for ps2pk

thanks for the comments