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Re: Font installation (beta)

 > - about 8r encoding: *all* the .pl files produced by fontinst's
 > \installrawfont command yield an error message by pltotf concerning an
 > inexistent ligature  '255. But the the pl file is clean, and the
 > resulting tfm are perfect. 
i hadnt noticed this, but  then again maybe i didnt read the logs

 > - about vptovf: did vptovf change as of the latest Knuth distribution ?
 > (I think it is the version I am using (teTeX 0.3.1)). vptovf used to die
 > when facing too many ligs/kern pairs and cleared out all of them. Now it
 > only omits the one it cannot handle. By the way, this problem is
 > specific to small caps expert fonts in T1 encoding: is there a way to
 > overcome it ? (for instance telling vptovf or fontinst to omit kerning
 > info under a certain limit).
i recompiled vptovf to get the limits big enough to avoid the problem

 > - textcopyright is missing from 8r.sty (the only one I was willing to
 > use !)
8r.sty will go away in the next release :-}

 > still not the case). The problem is that if you loosen TeX settings,
 > paragraph typeset with dc fonts look bad, thus in my opinion, the
 > postscript fonts should be nearer to the metafont ones.
this is the main reason why psfonts.beta has the .beta on the end,
because no-one is willing to come out and say 100% strongly what we should
do about this, and defend a concrete solution