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Re: Q: accents and built-in PCL fonts

    I have downloaded the metric files for the LJ3 and LJ4 fonts. These are 
    the PCL fonts built in to the HPLJ3 and HPLJ4 printers. I have access to 
    a HPLJ3p on campus, and I use a HPLJ4l (300dpi) at home. I successfully 
    ran vptovf on the pl files and put the vf and tfm files in the 

You don't say where you got these files.

Norm Walsh, Gustaf Neumann, and I collaborated on making a set of TFM's
and VF's for the builtin LJ4 fonts in plain-compatible and Cork
encodings. They're in the dviljk distribution:
ftp.cs.umb.edu:/pub/tex/dviljk.tar.gz, mirrored on CTAN, etc.

    until I use TeX commands for accents, e.g., \=a, for macron-a. All I get, 
    on either machine is plain a. The macron doesn't come through. (If it 

Perhaps you need to run dvicopy on the dvi file, if the DVI-to-PCL
you're using isn't reading the VF's.