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Re: encoding file

Alexander Hulpke writes:

 > This package defines all files in the '8r' encoding. LaTeX however does not
 > seem to know about this encoding, the standard .fd files still use other
 > encoding. 

you are misunderstanding what is happening; the assumption is that any
normal person would use the T1 or OT1 encodings (see LaTeX Companion),
but these are implmeneted by means of virtual fonts which refer to a
single base font, in the 8r encoding. 8r is largely an internal
convenience, which the author never sees. drivers like dvips see a
request for ptmr8t (T1 encoded Times) which they convert, via a
virtual font ptmr8t.vf, to requests for ptmr8r, which is satisfied by
(in the case of dvips) psfonts.mao or the like

hope this makes sense?