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Re: TS1 encoding for PS fonts (and times.sty)

Sebastian Rahtz <s.rahtz@elsevier.co.uk> wrote:
> i am afraid [the multitude of missing glyph warnings are] "feature" of
> the fontinst package that is quite dear to Alan Jeffrey's heart. It
> would be easy to have *no* messages, but hard perhaps to make it give
> a single warning. i appreciate your dislike of it, but i just live with
> it for now. does anyone have any suggestions?

I'd be interested to know of the patch to fontinst to eliminate all the
warnings. I could try hacking it on my intuition, but I'd be wondering
whether I should be just eliminating the warnings in the .vpl (and thus
the later .vf) file, or replacing them with something else.

Then, in responce to my writing:
>> Also, the at the start of test.tex LaTeX tries to select the T1 CM
>> text font, even though the whole document is ultimately set in Times
>> Roman (the CM fonts get selected at `\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}', which
>> comes before the font selection of `\def\rmdefault{ptm}') -- this
... Sebastian asks:
> if you swop them, presumably OK?

Only `sort of'... The exact changes I made to test.tex are:

--- test.tex.orig   Tue Oct 17 09:53:49 1995
+++ test.tex    Tue Oct 17 09:54:35 1995
@@ -16,8 +16,8 @@
 \def\docdate {1995/10/14}
@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@
 textonesuperior & \textonesuperior&textordmasculine & \textordmasculine\\
 textonequarter & \textonequarter&textonehalf & \textonehalf\\
 textthreequarters & \textthreequarters&textmultiply & \textmultiply\\
-textdivide & \textdivide&&
+textdivide & \textdivide&&\\

As you can see, I had to add the \fontfamily{ptm} as well as the `regular'
way of selecting Times Roman (the same is true if you replace
\usepackage{times} with \def\rmdefault{ptm}). I'm not sure why that
needs to be there, only that it will still look for the DC fonts if you
drop it. I suspect that the \fontfamily{ptm} should probably be added
to times.sty and the equivalent added to the other PostScript font
package files.