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Re: TS1 encoding for PS fonts

oneill@cs.sfu.ca writes:
 > the expert fonts installed. When running makets1.tex, I repeatedly get:
 >     Warning: missingglyph`twelveudash'.
 >     Warning: missingglyph`threequartersemdash'.
 >     Warning: missingglyph`rightpointingarrow'.
 >     Warning: missingglyph`tieaccentcapital'.
etc etc etc
 > These warnings also get written into the `.vf' files, and then regurgitated
 > by DVIPS whenever it runs on a file that uses TS1. Some might say "Well,
 > that's not a bug, it's a *feature*", but either way, I don't really like
 > it much. (A single line warning me that this wasn't a full TS1 font would
 > be fine, but thirty four lines of warnings isn't.)
i am afraid this is a "feature" of the fontinst package that  is quite
dear to Alan Jeffrey's heart. It would be easy to have *no* messages,
but hard perhaps to make it give a single warning. i appreciate your
dislike of it, but i just live with it for now. does anyone have any

 > Also, if one the test file leaps tries to select the T1 CM text font (i.e.
 > the dc font) just before it switches over to Times Roman, which causes
 > an error if you don't have the dc fonts installed. Also, at the close of
are there such people who have no dc 1.2 fonts intsalled :-}
 > the file, it's missing a `\\' before the `\hline'.
ah yes i spotted that one :-} sorry.