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Re: TS1 encoding for PS fonts

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> can you give a precise list of what you think should be added to TS1?
> partial, infinity and Omega all belong in the (non-existent :-}) new
> math symbol encoding.
> i append a new version of my stuff for using TS1, including (gasp) a
> LaTeX package. comments extremely welcome!

I tried the new TS1 stuff out, and it seems to work, except that I keep
getting bothered by a lot of warnings that seem to stem from my not having
the expert fonts installed. When running makets1.tex, I repeatedly get:

    Warning: missingglyph`twelveudash'.
    Warning: missingglyph`threequartersemdash'.
    Warning: missingglyph`rightpointingarrow'.
    Warning: missingglyph`tieaccentcapital'.
    Warning: missingglyph`centeredstar'.
    Warning: missingglyph`zerooldstyle'.
    Warning: missingglyph`twooldstyle'.
    Warning: missingglyph`fouroldstyle'.
    Warning: missingglyph`sixoldstyle'.
    Warning: missingglyph`eightoldstyle'.
    Warning: missingglyph`mho'.
    Warning: missingglyph`bigcircle'.
    Warning: missingglyph`ohm'.
    Warning: missingglyph`arrowup'.
    Warning: missingglyph`arrowdown'.
    Warning: missingglyph`born'.
    Warning: missingglyph`died'.
    Warning: missingglyph`leaf'.
    Warning: missingglyph`married'.
    Warning: missingglyph`musicalnote'.
    Warning: missingglyph`shortequals'.
    Warning: missingglyph`doublebacktick'.
    Warning: missingglyph`doublevert'.
    Warning: missingglyph`centigrade'.
    Warning: missingglyph`centoldstyle'.
    Warning: missingglyph`won'.
    Warning: missingglyph`naira'.
    Warning: missingglyph`guarani'.
    Warning: missingglyph`peso'.
    Warning: missingglyph`lira'.
    Warning: missingglyph`recipe'.
    Warning: missingglyph`interrobang'.
    Warning: missingglyph`gnaborretni'.
    Warning: missingglyph`highdieresis'.

These warnings also get written into the `.vf' files, and then regurgitated
by DVIPS whenever it runs on a file that uses TS1. Some might say "Well,
that's not a bug, it's a *feature*", but either way, I don't really like
it much. (A single line warning me that this wasn't a full TS1 font would
be fine, but thirty four lines of warnings isn't.)

Also, if one the test file leaps tries to select the T1 CM text font (i.e.
the dc font) just before it switches over to Times Roman, which causes
an error if you don't have the dc fonts installed. Also, at the close of
the file, it's missing a `\\' before the `\hline'.

However, I do thank Sebastian for all the work he has done so far...