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Re: TS1 encoding for PS fonts

>> does Joerg read this list? 

Yes I do :-)

If you have a character, you want to see in the tc-fonts, please send me a 
short proposal.

The proposal should include:

* The name of the character and a short description if its shape. If I can 
recognise it from the description I may ask for a hard copy, but usually it 
won't be necessary.

* The field of usage.

* A reason why it should be treated as a *text* symbol (as opposed to *math*

I promise, that I'll be rather reluctant in adding characters, because it 
is impossible to remove them later. The practice of font vendors (Adobe, 
HP, ...) is only a suggestion, but not a convincing reason for me.

--J"org Knappen.

BTW: I insist that the `Omega' in the tc fonts is not a `Greek letter 
Omega' but an `Ohm sign' (in the case that that makes any difference).
Its inclusion was suggested by the polish TeX users in order to support 
another ISO character set which is rather popular in eastern europe.