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Re: TS1 encoding for PS fonts

> > Just a remark... There are so many empty slots in  TS1 encoding. I
> > have a CD-rom of fonts in which most fonts do not have only 228 but
> > 244 glyphs. The additional ones are partial, infinity, Omega and so
> > on. Is it a common practice (and thus should it be implemented in TS1) ?
> By the way, I bet what happened is that the bozzos that stole the fonts
> to make this CD, didn't know the above story and just converted whatever
> came out on a Mac. And so those `math' glyphs will not match in style
> the rest, but be exactly the glyphs in the Symbol font (or at least as
> close as their conversion / thieving device could manage).

You are certainly right. These additional glyphs are absolutely the same
in clones of Garamond condensed and Bembo Black. They also faked Bold
Italics for families missing them (such as Granjon), or encoded Expert
sets as StandardEncoding (so that ffi is *named* (internally !) Y for
instance). Two conclusions:

 - Don't sell softkey's KFP 2002 except for playing freesbee 
 - forget about my previous posting as every additional glyph should be
dealt in the symbol fonts, and not text ones (I know though a few texts
where a `textinfty' could have been usefull (virtually any religious
text, no ?-)).

Th. Bouche