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Re: TS1 encoding for PS fonts (and times.sty)

oneill@cs.sfu.ca writes:
 > prior objections to them. I'd suggest instead that two test LaTeX files
 > be included in the distribution, one for those with expert sets and one
 > for those without. I've enclosed a revised version of test.tex with the
 > missing glyphs that cause warnings for non-expert users taken out.
since my package is unlikely to see the light of day in its present
form, i doubt if i'll do anything, actually. i'd much prefer it it
were endorsed by J\"org and distributed with the CM TC fonts

 > One thing I don't quite understand though, is why some `missing' glyphs 
 > seem to generate warnings, whereas others (e.g. \textfiveoldstyle) just
 > generate an empty space with no warning.
dumbcluck  me writing bad code, i expect. i'll check