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psnfss revised fonts with checksums

I just regenerated metrics for all the Adobe, Monotype and Lucida fonts that I
have, using a revised script and tools from Piet Tutelaers which
calculates a checksum compatible with ps2pk. To be honest, I haven't
tested this much, so I hope Piet will take a representative sample and be
more destructive than I could be.

The revised metrics, and the revised tools, are all on CTAN, replacing
what was there before. unless i have done something stupid, only the
checksums will be different.

See also fonts/psfonts/ts1 for a revised setup for the Text Companion
fonts; I won't announce this widely until someone else tries it and
tests it. Elsevier Science TeX people are using it daily but they
don't know it :-}

See also fonts/psfonts/cyr for some material on various Cyrillic encoding,
fontinst setups etc. You want Monotype Times Cyrillic in AMS encoding?
you got it.

Sebastian Rahtz