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Trying to turn mathptm into mathpbk...

I like to typeset things in ITC Bookman, because I think Times Roman
is at least as overused as Computer Modern, if not more so. Given
that, I thought I might try turning the mathptm package into mathpbk.

To do this, I'd have to modify the sources for the virtual fonts that
go are part of mathptm. Easy enough, I thought, since the source was
there in the psfonts/tools/mathptm directory. Unfortunately, the
source there doesn't seem to work, but dies parsing the cm*.pl files;
thus my modifications for a mathpbk were doomed to failure.

Enclosed is a session log from doing a make in an unmodified 
psfonts/tools/mathptm directory.

Help/fixes would be appreciated,



aldrington> cd tools/mathptm
aldrington> make
tex fontptcm
This is CTeX, NeXT Version 3.141
(fontptcm.tex (../fontinst/fontinst.sty v1.500 (../fontinst/trig.sty)
(../fontinst/fontinst.rc)) (ptmr8a.afm)
Metrics written on ptmr8a.mtx.
Raw font written on ptmr8a.pl.
(../fontinst/8r.etx) (ptmr8a.mtx)
Transformed metrics written on ptmr8r.mtx.
Raw font written on ptmr8r.pl.
Metrics written on ptmri8a.mtx.
Raw font written on ptmri8a.pl.
(../fontinst/8r.etx) (ptmri8a.mtx)
Transformed metrics written on ptmri8r.mtx.
Raw font written on ptmri8r.pl.
Metrics written on pzcmi8a.mtx.
Raw font written on pzcmi8a.pl.
(../fontinst/8r.etx) (pzcmi8a.mtx)
Transformed metrics written on pzcmi8r.mtx.
Raw font written on pzcmi8r.pl.
(ptmr8r.mtx) (psyr.afm)
Metrics written on psyr.mtx.
Raw font written on psyr.pl.
(psyr.mtx) (../fontinst/latin.mtx) (zrhax.mtx) (../fontinst/kernoff.mtx)
(cmr10.pl (../fontinst/OT1.etx)
! Illegal unit of measure (pt inserted).
<to be read again> 
<argument> 10.0)
                \COMMENT DESIGNSIZE
\DESIGNSIZE #1 #2 ->\a_dimen =#2
                                pt\out_line {\string \setdim {designsize}{\t...
                        IS IN POINTS)