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font names/mappings/confusion

  Hi.  I am trying to understand and make work the integration of type1
  fonts into tex and latex.  I think I must be missing some key pieces
  of information, because I am reading all about encoding, virtual
  fonts, naming schemes etc. in "The Latex Companion", "Making TeX
  Work", the "Fontname" document from CTAN, the dvips5.58 manual, the
  directory structure document, the actual directory structure as
  installed (under unix using web2c), and a bunch of README's, but I'm
  having a devil of a time bootstrapping myself into understanding this

  My immediate situation is this:

  I have some pfb files for various adobe garamond fonts.  They have
  long names ("AGaramondExp-Semibold.pfb" for instance).  I also have
  tfm's and vf's that were built under an older tex, I have access to
  the afm's, and I have the whole texmf/fonts/adobe/adobegar subdir
  that came from CTAN that has tfm's, vf's, and a pad.map file.  There
  are also already garamond entries in psfonts.map that came with
  dvips, but these don't seem to match those in pad.map.

  My question is, what do I need to look at and do to make this work?
  I'd ideally like to be able to use the latex garamond sty file, but
  at this point just getting "tex nfssfont" to work would be good.  I
  take it I at least have to do some mods to the pfb names and in the
  psfonts.map file, but I really can't figure out what mods to do,
  which names should match which, etc.  Also, what else might need to
  be put into the search path, renamed, modified.  I'm at a very
  ineffectual point here, as I don't seem to even know enough to try
  something and work from there.  Either a little missing info, or a
  pointer somewhere would be very appreciated on my end!

  Thanks much...

		Glenn Little