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Re: font names/mappings/confusion

Glenn Little writes:
 >   of information, because I am reading all about encoding, virtual
 >   fonts, naming schemes etc. in "The Latex Companion", "Making TeX
 >   Work", the "Fontname" document from CTAN, the dvips5.58 manual, the
thats all there is :-}

 >   that came from CTAN that has tfm's, vf's, and a pad.map file.  There
 >   are also already garamond entries in psfonts.map that came with
 >   dvips, but these don't seem to match those in pad.map.
they are ITC Garamond, I expect

 >   My question is, what do I need to look at and do to make this work?
so far as i know, the contents of fonts/psfonts/adobe/agaramon have
everything you. please note that i  updated this last Sunday -
anything earlier than that is not right. you install the .fd, .vf, tfm
files in the right places, put config.pad and pad.map from dvips into the
dvips control file directory and then hey presto its dvips -Ppad