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Re: Old style fonts in Lucida.

Victor Sanchez writes:

 >  I am trying to build an expert set for lucidabright so that oldstyle glyphs
 > from the smallcap fonts are used instead of the normal numerals. Using the
 > fontinst package 
 > \latinfamily{hlh9}{}\bye
 > did not work since the name of the glyphs in the hlhrc8a.afm 
 > (the smallcaps) are zero, one, ... not oneoldstyle etc. (in truth it is not
you need to look at the smallcaps code in the current setup, which
David Hull did. this says that if you can find a correctly named file
you take the "a" from that to mean "smallcap A". you could do
something similar for oldstyle numbers.

 > even searching the smallcaps file). I need to somewho define the oldstyle
 > glyphs so that is searchs for then in the correct place.... I am no expert
 > and the deadline for my dissertation is approaching fast so any help in this
if i were you i would drop the requirement for oldstyle digits from
your dissertation.. this is going to take you a while to get right,
unless someone else has done the work.

the crude answer is to call the glyphs by number ie instead of 1 do
\char156 or wherever it is. Not much fun!

 > matter will be very appreciated (BTW is there any good bibliography on the
 > issue of PS fonts in TeX, things have been changing very fast lately!)
i am not aware of any new material in print, sadly