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Re: Old style fonts in Lucida.

Greetings, I would like to thanks Sebastian, Alan and Laurent for
their help. I would look into the smallcap code later however for the
moment I looked to see how other virtual fonts were put together and
managed to modify by hand the hlhrc9t hlhrc9e hlhdc9t hlhdc9e vpl files
and it seems to be working fine.

Eventualy when I go back home ( I am in the US now) I will subscribe
to the fontinst mailing list, it  seems to be a tool that is worth to
learn to use well. 

Installing and configuring sendmail and TeX have been always biggest
fears :-) The latter because of my "non standard" preferences
(spanish, 8bit, lucida, etc). However thanks to the new work on LaTeX,
the teTeX distribution, the Latex Companion, Babel, Cork encoding, etc things
have improved a lot. Hopefully when the font situation stabilizes
things will improve in that area, and one of you people would become
filthy rich selling books about it :-) 

Thanks again for your work in supporting PS fonts in TeX... now back
to my damm dissertation..