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Re: Problems with fonts (Can't find TFM file)

Hi Daniela,

> I used to have a not-very-well-working installation of LaTeX (2e with
> 209 compatibility): not-very-well since sometimes I had problems with
> fonts and similar. I asked around and the more common answer was: "The files 
> are not in the right directories, and the system screws up when it needs a
> file". So I followed the suggestions of the TUG Working Group, in particular
> the directory map of TDS compliant TeX installation and now it is also worst.
> Before the typesetting worked (although with some minor font problems!!).
> Now it doesn't work anymore.

Your binaries must reflect the TDS-structure. This means if you are
running Karl Berry's TeX or Thomas Essers teTeX based upon that, you
must define the search-path correctly in the texmf.cnf-file. In your
case I assume the file as /usr/local/tex/lib/texmf/web2c/texmf.cnf.
If you have problems setting up that you can try different variables
in your environment to point to the right places. This means TFMFONTS
in your case should be /usr/local/tex/lib/texmf/fonts/tfm//.
Better you have also a ls-R database created on the level of
/usr/local/tex/lib/texmf via the following command:
  /bin/ls -RL /usr/local/tex/lib/texmf > /usr/local/tex/lib/texmf/ls-R

Hope this helps,
Andreas Schott.
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