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announcement: ps2pk 1.5 release


Today I have released the final ps2pk 1.5 version. Thanks to everybody
who contributed to the code. Special thanks go to Pierre MacKay for his
PK postamble specials and Brian Ripley for his valuable suggestions.
Some people regret that I do not use kpathsea. Because ps2pk and its
companion mtpk needs to run in combination with emTeX, where I need to
handle FLI font libraries, and because kpathsea in my opinion is still
too much UNIX biased, I prefered my own recursive search functions
(without texmf.cnf and ls-R functionality).

All of you that need to locate files containing PostScript resources
(fonts, AFM files, encoding vectors) should look at my slightly
improved version of Adobe's psres library (directory PSres in the
ps2pk15 source tree).  It provides a nice way to handle these resources
in a application independant way. I hope to add it to dvips (soon or
later) so that we can eliminate these horrible syntax in psfonts.map:
   ptmr8r Times-Roman "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont" <8r.enc putr8r
   Utopia-Regular "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont" <8r.enc <putr8a.pfb

in favour of:
   ptmr8r Times-Roman "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont"
   putr8r Utopia-Regular "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont"

The best wishes,


internet: rcpt@urc.tue.nl      __o      Piet Tutelaers
                             _`\<,_     Computer Center       Room  RC 1.82
phone:  +31 (0)40 2474541   (_)/ (_)    Eindhoven University of  Technology
fax:    +31 (0)40 2434438  Save nature  P.O. Box 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven, NL

------------------------- ps2pk15.README --------------------------

			Ps2pk-1.5 available
			  (Februari 1996)

Version 1.5 (Februari 1996 release) of ps2pk is now available on:
   ftp.tue.nl (address: directory:    /pub/tex
   files:	 ps2pk15.README         (  2k)    This file
                 ps2pk15.ABOUT          (  5k)    When do you need ps2pk?
                 ps2pk15.RELNOTES       (  2k)    Release notes 1.5 version
         	 ps2pk15.tgz (tar.gz)   (308k)    Complete package + sources
         	 ps2pk15.zip	        (383k)    Complete package + sources

   Ftp.tue.nl can not handle E-mail requests. But sites are free
   to put the ps2pk15 stuff on any server that can.

   I have made read-to-go 1.5 executables for MSDOS (with Eberhard
   Mattes' version of gcc/EMX) and popular UNIX platforms available in:

The ps2pk 1.5 package consists of the following parts. Each part can be
installed separately from its main directory via the help given in the

  1) ps2pk

     Description:  ps2pk converts a valid PostScript type1 font into
		   a TeX PK font.

     Directories:  ./ps2pk (main directory)
		   ./type1 (type1 rendering library)
		   ./common (common library)
		   ./PSres (PS resource lookup library)
		   ./PSources (resource examples)

  2) mkpsres

     Description:  mkpsres is an enhanced version of Adobe's makepsres
		   used to create resource databases. These consist of
		   a list of available resource types and per type a
		   list of the internal PostScript name with the name of
		   the file containing it.  Ps2pk uses this database to
		   locate fonts, AFM files and encoding vectors by
		   their PostScript name in a non-recursive way. For
		   compatibility with earlier versions ps2pk accepts
		   filenames as well.

     Directories:  ./PSres (main directory)
		   ./PSources (resource examples)

  3) programs for automatic font generation

     Description:  mtpk is C program that generates PK fonts from META-
		   FONT descriptions using mf or from PostScript type1
		   fonts with ps2pk (and/or from GhostScript fonts with
		   gsftopk if you wish so).
		   Pkfonts is a front-end of mtpk that generates missing
		   PK fonts from a DVI file.

     Directories:  ./mtpk (main directory)
		   ./common (common library)

Februari 1996