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Re: announcement: ps2pk 1.5 release

Now that I have looked at your documentation, there is one thing
that may need to be considered in your plan to change the way
dvips looks for fonts.  

The psfonts.map approach is further elaborated by the possibility
of superseding the definitions there with an xxx.map file called in
by config.xxx.   This has great value for font junkies like me.

I have a laser printer with a scsi disk into which I have some of
my largest fonts (Adobe Garamond, for instance) downloaded.  This
speeds up printing in the obvious way.   But I must still have
AGaramond-*.pfa available in my TEXMF tree so that xdvi can use it
to generate a pk font at need.  So I have one entry for 
padxxx AGaramond-* in psfonts.map, and I also have a pad.map
file.  The difference is that the padxxx lines in psfonts.map
do not include <AGaramond-*.pfa, but the pad.map lines do

dvips reads xxx.map files only when it is told to, so a normal
run of dvips does not waste time on an unnecessary transfer of
the pfa file.  I have set up MakeTeXPK so that it looks for a
xxx.map file first, and in that way it picks up the line that
says "get the pfa file." 

Can this separation of effort be managed with PSRES?  

To put it more generally, when you use PSRES for both xdvi and dvips,
is it possible to let xdvi (through mtpk) know about the pfa file but
still not force dvips to download it even when it is not needed?

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