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psfonts for xdvi


I got the psfonts out of the CTAN/fonts/psfonts archive. Using the bookman files
and the bookman.sty out of psnfss is compiling fine with latex (2e). Producing
the corresponding Postscriptfile with dvips 5.58 is no problem (it's loading
pbkl7t.vf, 8r.enc and pbkl8r.tfm in this order), the PS-file is printed without

Now I'd like to use xdvi (xdvi patchlevel 20) to get a preview on the screen: 
the files loaded are:
pbkl7t.vf, then it's looking for something like pbkl8r.???pk or pbkl8r.vf
which wasn't included in the bookman files (in fact I couldn't find a file with 
this name on the server). mf fails on producing the pbkl8r.???pk file as there
is no pbkl8r.tfm.

I'd be very happy if someone could help me with this problem as I've got the 
same for the other psfonts as well (always looking for a ????8r - file).

Thanks a lot, please reply to vonhagen@lss.supelec.fr