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Re: psfonts for xdvi

>>>>> "v" == vonhagen  <vonhagen@marine.lss.supelec.fr> writes:

    v> Now I'd like to use xdvi (xdvi patchlevel 20) to get a preview
    v> on the screen: the files loaded are: pbkl7t.vf, then it's
    v> looking for something like pbkl8r.???pk or pbkl8r.vf which
    v> wasn't included in the bookman files (in fact I couldn't find a
    v> file with this name on the server). mf fails on producing the
    v> pbkl8r.???pk file as there is no pbkl8r.tfm.

Mf should not be called in the first place, it has nothing to do with

To make a PK font suitable for xdvi from a PostScript font, you need a
program like ps2pk.  It is most convenient if this program is invoked
>From the MakeTeXPK script with the right parameters on the right files
at the right time, analogous to how MakeTeXPK invokes Metafont.  

The only alternative to ps2pk I know is a program called gsftopk.  I
will let someone else explain which is superior -- I use ps2pk.

The proper way to adapt MakeTeXPK depends on your TeX distribution.  A
good distribution should take care of all this for you.

There is a discussion regarding the latest version of ps2pk going on
on tex-fonts right now.