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Re: ps2pk vs. gsftopk

If you get success on one version of METAFONT and not on the other,
there is a good chance that optimization or some other part of
the compilation is at fault.  Ibycus uses METAFONT resources in
a fairly extravagant way, and I suspect that the problem with
the "if" statement may be a buffer overflow.  The trip and trap
tests are not perfect.  I got an error in optimized gcc 2.5.8 code
in TeX over a year ago, even though the trip test had passed.  
(I passed it on to DEK, but it is moot at the moment because newer
versions of gcc don't have the problem.)

I have an operational system for Linotype-Hell Times Ten Greek Polytonic,
(the only usable face among the Linotype-Hell polytonics) but it requires
hand-picking the VPL file to make it work.  There is a cure for that, but
it involves supplying an auxiliary font to use with the Times Ten Greek
base.  I am also working with other designers on some new polytonics.  

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