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Re: Would like MakeTeXPK to write into texmf/fonts/public/cm/pk/..

Christopher Lott writes:
 > 1.  The notes on setup of postscript fonts (packages/psnfss/psnfss2e.tex)
 > is somewhat out of date.  You don't need to do everything mentioned
can you be specific? i'll happily remove stuff which isnt true

 > there.  The notes about map files for dvips are especially confusing
 > because my copy of dvips came standard with a file psfonts.map that
 > had everything necessary.
"my copy of dvips" covers  a lot of sins. the canonical one doenst,

 > 2. Fontname seems to be essentially undocumented.  I found that pk
it has excellent documentation!

 > It sure would have been helpful if that had been mentioned more
 > clearly somewhere, such as in the kpathsea.texi file.
isnt it cross-referenced there?

 > 3. Finally, a possible bug.  I had (I don't know why) a directory
 > texmf/tex/latex209/dvips with some config files for using ps fonts.
 > Kpathsea calmly ignored that directory when using latex2e.  But, after
 > I created a ls-R database, kpathsea insisted on using file
 > "psfonts.sty" in that directory even when using latex2e, which of 
the ls-R/kpathsea algorithm does not support a mechanism for
prioritizing. if the texmf.cnf setup says that two directories are
available, and they both have "times.sty", you cant predict which one
gets foumd. so i wonder how you texmf.cnf is set up

 > 4.  I've really been struggling with gsftopk.  This seems to suffer
 > from a lack of consistent documentation as well.  I think that the
 > mods by Yves Arrouye for kpathsea might need some additional
 > attention.  I finally gave up on this one.
install teTeX; it gets it right :-}

 > In general, setting TeX up for using additional fonts has been pretty
 > hairy.  Is it possible that I missed a very important piece of the
 > documentation somewhere and just made my life unnecessarily difficult?
no, it isnt that easy. which is why i tell Unix people to install
teTeX, which packages all these things up in a single "sh install.sh",
which *works*, and lets you play with it later via "texconfig". once
you try it, you'll wonder why you ever edited those config files by

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