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Re: Would like MakeTeXPK to write into texmf/fonts/public/cm/pk/..

   > 3. Finally, a possible bug.  I had (I don't know why) a directory
   > texmf/tex/latex209/dvips with some config files for using ps fonts.
   > Kpathsea calmly ignored that directory when using latex2e.  But, after
   > I created a ls-R database, kpathsea insisted on using file
   > "psfonts.sty" in that directory even when using latex2e, which of
  the ls-R/kpathsea algorithm does not support a mechanism for
  prioritizing. if the texmf.cnf setup says that two directories are
  available, and they both have "times.sty", you cant predict which one
  gets found. so i wonder how your texmf.cnf is set up
Sebastian is a shade too pessimistic about the handling of LaTeX2e 
vs. latex209 conflicts.

When you want latex209, call it latex209 (that is, symlink virtex to
latex209) and make sure the name of the latex209 dumped format file
is latex209.fmt. 

Finally, make sure that these lines or something similar are in your
texmf.cnf file.

latex209_inputs = .:$TEXMF/tex/latex209//:$TEXMF/tex//
latex2e_inputs = .:$TEXMF/tex/latex2e//:$TEXMF/tex//
TEXINPUTS.latex209 = $latex209_inputs
TEXINPUTS.latex2e = $latex2e_inputs
TEXINPUTS.latex = $latex2e_inputs
% Earlier entries override later ones, so put this last.
This does prioritize file selection, every time. 

The files needed by dvips are trickier.  An excellent reason to stop
using latex209.

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