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Re: Would like MakeTeXPK to write into texmf/fonts/public/cm/pk/..

>    > I created a ls-R database, kpathsea insisted on using file
>    > "psfonts.sty" in that directory even when using latex2e, which of

I remember there has been a bug in Kpathsea concerning prioritizing
of paths. This is fixed in the current version and only applies of
course if one has used priorities in the paths, e.g. told latex to
search $TEXMF/tex/latex// before $TEXMF/tex/latex209.  If one does not
do this, the results are unpredictible if files with the same name exist
below $TEXMF/tex/latex and $TEXMF/tex/latex209.  Using a ls-R file, one
might get a different file then without. The docs say that the result
is unpredictable for that case, so this is not a bug in Kpathsea.

> latex209_inputs = .:$TEXMF/tex/latex209//:$TEXMF/tex//
> latex2e_inputs = .:$TEXMF/tex/latex2e//:$TEXMF/tex//
> TEXINPUTS.latex209 = $latex209_inputs
> TEXINPUTS.latex2e = $latex2e_inputs
> TEXINPUTS.latex = $latex2e_inputs
> % Earlier entries override later ones, so put this last.
> TEXINPUTS = .:$TEXMF//tex//
                      ^^ this may be too pessimistic, at least
in a TDS compliant installation, where only $TEXMF/tex// needs to be