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Creation of fonts on demand

I installed teTeX and it works fine. Well, almost fine. Namely some
users are complaining that fonts are not properly created when
necessary. The reason for this is that I don't let them to write into
the font tree under teTeX (and I'm, hm, somehow reluctant to do this
in a future).

Now the question; what should I do? I thought of two possibilities:
  - to let users create their fonts into /tmp/ somwhere
  - to let the users create the fonts into their "." directory

Either of them is fine, though in the first case, fonts created by
one user can be used by some other user (though this happens _very_

Is there a simple way to do it? I mean, that I don't need to rewrite
all Make* files? I'm sure that somebody out there already dealt with
such a problem? (BTW, I can also collect the created fonts in the
/tmp/ and put them into the system font tree).

Thanx in advance for any help/suggestions,


PS: Oh, if I implement the above scheme, can also the user simply
specify where to put his own fonts when they were created? I.e. that
he creates his own font tree?