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Epson Stylus


This mode was taken from modes-3.0.mf:

>% From {\tt Tobias.Guenzler@uni-konstanz.de}, 8 December 1994.
>% The |blacker| parameter is the most critical; changing |o_correction|
>% has lesser effect, and may also be increased or decreased somewhat.  I
>% tested this by comparing output with printouts of a HP LaserJet
>% printer using the LJ fonts. This printer had the fancy resolution
>% enhancement feature (RET) which makes the pixel steps almost
>% invisible. I did most of the comparision with cmr12, cmbx12, cmr12
>% magstep2 and cmss9.
>% The Stylus printer is a ink printer, but it works with a piezo drive
>% instead of a bubble jet. This may be the reason why it draws its lines
>% very tiny and thin. At least the pixel diameters are very sharp and
>% they are far away from that bulky dots produced by the needles of a
>% NEC P6.
>mode_def epstylus =                     %\[ Epson Stylus
>  mode_param (pixels_per_inch, 360);
>  mode_param (blacker, .35);
>  mode_param (fillin, 0);
>  mode_param (o_correction, .8);
>  mode_common_setup_;

I find this definition far too dark.  It seems to me that plain values of 0
to blacker and fillin work perfectly with values of o_correction in the
range of .6 to .8;  however, I am *not* a typographer or anything similar,
so please take my opinions with a grain of salt.  I ended up using the
values for mode "stylewriter", provided by Andrew Trevorrow <akt@kagi.com>
in his OzTeX distribution:

% stylewriter mode added by Andrew Trevorrow for OzTeX users.
% All parameters (except pixels_per_inch) are the same as the
% laserwriter mode (= cx) so that PK files can be shared by both
% types of printers.

mode_def sw =                           % Apple StyleWriter
  mode_param (pixels_per_inch, 360);
  mode_param (blacker, 0);
  mode_param (fillin, .2);
  mode_param (o_correction, .6);
stylewriter := sw;

The output of modetest.tex seems reasonable enough.

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