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I work on a Macintosh LC475 with system 7.5.1 and I work with CmacTeX.
I use latex2e 1995/12/01 with Cork encoding.
For having  a nice previewing of dvi files at my console I have wished to
use lucida fonts and I got them in the /fonts/psfonts/bh/lubright
directory of a CTAN host. I have some problems in using these fonts on a
short sample file.

1) In my sample file, I forced writing in lucida by means of:

ceci avait pour effet de montrer \`a mes yeux \'ebahis ce que
Lucida pourrait apporter : des fleurs ou des \'epines.
Pourtant je ne savais pas si cela serait efficace et si j'allais
seulement effleurer la difficulté.

in a dvipreview.psfonts file, used by the dvipreview application, I have
mapped the hlhr8t on a Macintosh lucida font:
        hlhr8t  Lucida  MacT1.enc       n
Lucida being a suitcase in System folder of the Mac such as all the
ligatures exist for this font;  MacT1.enc  being an encoding file.
But I dont get the viewing of ligatures "ff", "ffi", "ffl" because MacT1
sets a "?" for any "ff".
However MacT1.enc is the better encoding I found because any other encoding
file (8r.enc for example) provides very ugly effects. The same thing occurs
if I remove the encoding file, i.e.:
        hlhr8t  Lucida                  n
So, what kind of encoding I have to use for previewing texts with all ligatures?

2) For printing a text in lucida a hlh.map file is needed by dvips. In this
file we find some lines in the kind of:
hlhr8r LucidaBright "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont" <8r.enc <hlhr8a.pfb

Where can I find these pfb fonts or how can I create them?

3) What is the use of 8r.etx?

4) Why the pk files and the mf files dont exist for the lucida fonts?

5) What is the use of hlc fonts, standing  in lucmath directory?

I thank you. Regards.

                        Pierre Basso


*       Pierre BASSO
*       Laboratoire d'Informatique de Marseille
*       Faculté des Sciences -- case 901
*       163 Av. de Luminy
*       13288 Marseille cedex 9
*          FRANCE