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Re: lucida

Pierre Basso writes:
 > use lucida fonts and I got them in the /fonts/psfonts/bh/lubright
 > directory of a CTAN host. I have some problems in using these fonts on a
you still have to *buy* the fonts, you know!
 > So, what kind of encoding I have to use for previewing texts with all ligatures?
if you use my .vf files, and tfm files, 8r. thats what its for!

 > 3) What is the use of 8r.etx?
its used by fontinst creating tfms and vf

 > 4) Why the pk files and the mf files dont exist for the lucida fonts?
because they are proprietary PostScript fonts, not MF fonts. you can
buy them from Y&Y, well worth the money

 > 5) What is the use of hlc fonts, standing  in lucmath directory?
not sure what you mean..