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help with psfonts sought.

	I'm *very* interested in getting the latest psfonts (psnfss) running
	on my installation of latex2e.  I've fetched the adobe subdirectory
	(which is all I'm interested in) from CTAN @ ftp.cdrom.com, as well as
	the tools subdirectory.  However, I cannot find any reference to an
	insallation procedure for getting this stuff up and running.  I can't
	find the *.sty files for these fonts, nor can I find psfonts.sty
	(which I *thought* was critical)....  In other words, I'm a bit lost.

	How do I install the fonts that come in the adobe subdir?  Or, where
	can I get the doc to install them?

	Thanks for any help you can lend.

Fil Salustri
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