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Postscript glyphs in 8r and 8a encoding, but not in TS1 or T1

I discovered the other day that one cannot easily access the ellipsis
glyph through LaTeX. A default definition for it is given in latex.ltx,

... which means that three periods are used to simulate the glyph in
text.  As far as I can see, this makes it the only glyph that is in
8r but not in T1 or TS1. (In fact, checking reveals that 8r has a `space'
and `minus' glyphs that don't seem to be in the T1 or TS1, and that T1
calls `endash' `rangedash' and `emdash' `punctdash', so they seem like
they're missing initially, when really they aren't).

It's a pretty trivial thing really, but on the other hand, it doesn't
seem like it would be hard to include *all* symbols from 8r that aren't
in T1 in TS1...  Or perhaps there is a compelling reason not to...

Opinions welcome,