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Re: Adding /dotlessj to Type 1 fonts

Concernant « Re: Adding /dotlessj to Type 1 fonts », Berthold K.P. Horn écrit :
 >    I've found a clever way to add the /dotlessj character to
 >    existing Type 1 and Type 5 fonts.
 > Clever indeed, but unfortunately not useful for a large part of the TeX world. 
 > The reason is that all such `PostScript trickery' manipulations are
 > *not* device independent.  Don't forget that `PostScript' fonts are
 > actually used on screen, and with non-PS devices on several platforms
 > (Windows and Mac).  And ATM compatible Type 1 fonts are no longer ATM
 > compatible after you wrap some PS code around them.

did you see how it's implemented? The dirty PS tricks are in a header
that should only be used by dvips or clever rasterizers as gsftopk (I
_have_ bitmaps  of this dotlessj generated this way). So any viewer or
dvi driver should call the original (dolessj-less) fonts. ATM
compatible etc. The problem is: what do the dvi drivers when the tfm
says a chrachter exist in a type1 font and it doesn't? I suppose they
should leave a white space according to the advance width: do they? 

 > Not everything in Tex is done by first converting to PS and then
 > rasterizing using a PS rassterizer...
Isn't it  a pitty  that there is no system level support for postscript
fonts in windows, indeed?

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