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Bitstream Gill Sans - a question

I just downloaded the metrics files for Bitstream's "Humanist 521" (=Gill
Sans), and I noticed that only some of the fonts in the family were
used. In particular, instead of using the Bitstream's italic versions the
metrics apply the "SlantFont" transform to the roman versions. Can anyone
tell me why?

The fonts on CTAN, and their real names, are:

bgsl8a.afm      Humanist 521 Light
bgsr8a.afm      Humanist 521 Roman
bgsr8ac.afm     Humanist 521 Roman Condensed
bgsu8a.afm      Humanist 521 Ultra Bold
bgsx8a.afm      Humanist 521 Extra Bold
bgsx8ac.afm     Humanist 521 Extra Bold Condensed

And here is the list of the full family, as found in the Bitstream "500
Fonts" CD:

Humanist521BT-Bold                 0292A___.PFB
Humanist521BT-BoldCondensed        0496A___.PFB
Humanist521BT-BoldItalic           0293A___.PFB
Humanist521BT-Light                0288A___.PFB
Humanist521BT-LightItalic          0289A___.PFB
Humanist521BT-Roman                0290A___.PFB
Humanist521BT-RomanCondensed       0495A___.PFB
Humanist521BT-Italic               0291A___.PFB
Humanist521BT-UltraBold            0295A___.PFB
Humanist521BT-ExtraBold            0294A___.PFB
Humanist521BT-XtraBoldCondensed    0497A___.PFB

None of the italic versions were used, and neither was the bold. (It's
weird to have ultrabold and extrabold but no bold!)

Can anyone cast any light on this? I suppose I can just modify the "build"
file and run fontinst myself, but I was wondering whether there's some
reason for this that I'm missing.




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