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Bitstream Gill Sans - a question

Fernando Q. Gouvea writes:
 > I just downloaded the metrics files for Bitstream's "Humanist 521" (=Gill
 > Sans), and I noticed that only some of the fonts in the family were
 > used. In particular, instead of using the Bitstream's italic versions the
 > metrics apply the "SlantFont" transform to the roman versions. Can anyone
 > tell me why?
 > None of the italic versions were used, and neither was the bold. (It's
 > weird to have ultrabold and extrabold but no bold!)
 > Can anyone cast any light on this? I suppose I can just modify the "build"
 > file and run fontinst myself, but I was wondering whether there's some
 > reason for this that I'm missing.

I'll take wild guess that whoever contributed the metrics didn't have
access to those bold or italic fonts. 

For example perhaps Bitstream added them later and they were not part
of an earlier set that was used or available by the contributor. Of
the PostScript font collections I have access to, it is not uncommon
to find font families without bold or italics but with ultrabold or

You'd do everyone a service if you created the missing TFM's, tested
them thoroughly and then contributed them.