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Re: Adobe acrobat 3.0

Gary Hachtel wrote:
> I have extensive course materials and a book...that I
> would like to post in PDF on the web. All of these materials were
> formatted with latex2e, and the postscript files were generated with
> DVIPS....However, the postscript files all produce type 3 fonts...

You should proceed by providing all the required fonts in Type 1 format.
Start by running dvitype on your DVI file (use the lowest level of
reporting): you will be rewarded with a listing of all fonts used in
your book.

Next obtain all these fonts in Type 1 format. Certain fonts (generally
those in the Adobe Type Library) will be unnecessary to provide in this
way, because Acrobat Reader will have these available. Others, like the
Computer Modern fonts are available commercially in Type 1 format; you
should be sure to obtain permission from the type foundary before
embedding such into a PDF document.

Next, configure dvips so that it "knows" that all the abovementioned are
Type 1 fonts, and for which of them it is necessary to embed within your
PDF document (see the dvips manual for details).

At this point you should examine the PostScript output from dvips to see
which fonts are Tyep 1 and which are Type 3. Of the former, you should
determine which were embedded and which were not.

Now, if your dvips output has any Type 3 fonts, you must go back to
sqaure one and obtain those fonts in Type 1 format!

You didn't explain how you converted your dvips-generated PostScript to
PDF, but that will be your next step. At this point you should have no

Some notes:

1. The latest release of dvips (5.62) has enhanced reporting on Type 3
fonts; search on the string "%DVIPSBitmap" in the documentation in
within the dvips output.

2. One source for the Computer Modern fonts is Blue Sky Research
(sales@bluesky.com). You might want to tell them from the get-go that
your intent is to embed their fonts into PDF documents.

3. Your foray into the LaTeX Companion was effective, most likely, in
converting only your text into Times (Adobe Times Roman, to be precise).
I speculate that none of the math fonts were converted from Computer
Modern: this will be the cause of Type 3 fonts remaining in your PDF

4. Your PDF documents will most likely be significantly slimmer if you
use math fonts that are "single design size" fonts. This means using
cmr10 instead of cmr10/cmr7/cmr5, and so on with cmsy and cmex.

Hope this helps; do let me know how you fare.

Arthur Ogawa/TeX Consultants
voice: +1 209 561-4585 Fax: +1 209 561-4584
PGP key: finger -l ogawa@teleport.com