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Re: Adobe acrobat 3.0

   Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 16:50:38 -0700
   From: Gary Hachtel <hachtel@trane.colorado.edu>
   Cc: fabio@duke.colorado.edu, hachtel@trane.colorado.edu

   I have extensive course materials and a book on switching theory that I 
   would like to post in PDF on the web. All of these materials were
   formatted with latex2e, and the postscript files were generated with DVIPS.

   However, the postscript files all produce type 3 fonts, which causes
   the acrobat reader (3.0) to render the text as curves. Thus the PDF files
   appear garbled when viewed, although they are fine when printed.

Use fonts in Adobe Type 1 format.  These are available for non-commercial
used on CTAN thanks to Basil Malyshev, and in commercial form from Y&Y, Inc.
and Blue Sky Research.

Since there are a number of pitfalls in making PDF files you may 
also find notes on making quality PDF files from TeX output useful.
Check out http://www.YandY.com/pdf_from.pdf, and search on http://adobe.com 
for information.  Also, Kendall Whitehorse (of Emegre) has a white paper and 
Ivo Welch has a web site with more information (I can try and dig up
these references if you want, they ar enot handy right now).

Also, the best news group for this sort of thing is comp.text.pdf
Your question appears about once every two or three weeks there :-)

   Using the NFSS as described in the latex companion, I tried changing the
   default font to T1/times. Although this appeared to work, the DVIPS
   produced PS files still were type 3, so my PDF problem remained

If you want to switch both text and math you need the MathTime font set
which is designed to work well with Times-Roman for text.  If you have
need for bold math or a script face or upright Greek then also get
MathTime Plus. 

   Do you have any suggestions?  Adobe tech support says I must have Type
   1 or 2 fonts in my PS file. The curious thing is that Ghostview
   previewing of the original PS files produces good quality output.

   Thank you for your consideration.

Regards, Berthold.

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