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Re: BaKoMa in PD (Was: Adobe acrobat 3.0)

Arthur Ogawa writes:
 > Basil Malyevich, you mean?
Malyshev, unless you dont use the same transcription :-}

 > And I thank you for clarifying this point. I had been unsure whether
 > Basil's fonts were, say, under the GNU copyleft or something. Now I will
 > keep in  mind that they have been released into the public domain.
Yannis was being inaccurate. the BaKoMa fonts are *not* public
domain. they cannot be used for commercial purposes

 > Given this, I don't see why Tom Rokicki's dvips is not distributed with
 > the BaKoMa fonts, eschewing all those useless .pks and that
 > MakeTeXPK?

perhaps in the work you do, all the fonts you want are in Type1
form. but as long as there remain fonts which are only available in
Metafont form (and I could quote many, starting with the DC fonts),
long live .pk and MakeTeXPK i say.